It has dedicated its efforts to respond to the needs of providing electricity and telecommunications services to the different sectors of the country. Operators, sub-operators and manufacturers of both national and international equipment. Read more...

  • Project Planning All our projects, have their respective schedule, to be consistent with the companies in the times and manner of execution and implementation of the projects.
  • Security system The security and tranquility of your offices, facilities or residence, for us is very important, so we install closed circuits, cameras, smoke sensors, intelligent systems, alarms, automated fire protection systems and others.
  • Telecommunications Equipment Integral service of installation of all types of towers for communications, antennas, lightning rods, among others, since the sale of the same and the entire installation process.
  • Fiber Optic With this preventive network topology, it allows the operator to maintain its service, if one of its sides is cut, the service will continue to be provided without any problem.
  • Electrical networks Survey of Primary Lines and laying them according to the structure of each country.
  • Solar Panels Ensure the operation of your company, which requires the backup power service in its production plants or offices, to prevent critical production processes due to problems of quality of electrical energy causing problems, causing downtime and production losses . The solutions go according to the energy requirement from a panel to those that can be added to a complete solution.
  • Computer networks and communications We study the requirements and the current equipment, a solution is developed according to the current and future needs of the company. We install and configure Voice and data networks, certified personnel and equipment, experience in data centers